The Impact Of Computer Literacy Training

A study conducted by a student from Kansas State University tested the impact of computer literacy training on the lives of 17 individuals. These individuals were evaluated on their lifestyle habits and job-seeking behavior before and after the 4 day training period. The computer literacy program aimed to increase the comfort level of the participants with computer and internet usage and in turn be able to improve their competitiveness.Findings of the Study:Comfort Level:Prior to attending the classes, almost every participant exhibited fear and hesitance when asked to use a computer, but after attending the computer literacy training course, 90% of the people reported using a computer during their leisure time for various purposes such as emailing, browsing, recreation, to find a job and for improvement of their skills. As most of the subjects reported to looking for a job via newspapers, or friends and family, and employment agencies, using the internet to seek employment opportunities showcased the motivation and comfort level that this new skill had induced in them.Other Benefits:Most of the people included in this study were not familiar with using computers prior to the computer literacy training and shared a lack of urgency towards learning the use of the same. However, after the course was taught to them, they showed keen interest in learning more and agreed it was beneficial to use the computer for several purposes. From this group of 17, 15 agreed that learning the use of a computer would help them to find a job with a higher salary, and 5 out of 7 people who were employed at the time of the study, agreed that computer use would improve their productivity at work. In fact, prior to signing up for the study, only 7 of the participants reported having a computer at home – after the training, out of 10, 7 more indicated that they had already bought or were planning to purchase a computer for personal use.Therefore, as is evident by the study, inducting in a computer literacy training program will enhance personal value and add to the confidence level. Being computer literate today is more of a necessity than a choice as all career paths now require integration with computer skills.What Does A Computer Literacy Training Program Include?Computer literacy courses teach all processes that are needed for everyday computer use. The courses start with the learning of basic functions of hardware; keyboard and mouse – the primary input devices, as well as about default applications. They also aim to familiarize students with software and hardware related terminology such as difference between RAM and ROM or the various ports on a typical PC. Complete use of the Microsoft Office applications is taught, along with troubleshooting of simple problems that include LAN or WAN problems, or the random hanging/non-responsiveness of the computer. As internet security has become a pressing issue, there is at least one lecture that focuses on the consequences of virus attacks as well as ways to safeguard against them.

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